Monday, January 29, 2007

To Get the Edge - Learn from those that have it.. 1000 of the Smartest People - T.E.D. Talks

I came across the posted videos from the exclusive T.E.D. talks a month or so ago and I have continually been amazed by the value of the content as I have watched each one. The availability of this content and it's value makes me so much more conscious of the societal changes we are going through right now. Even ten years ago content of this nature would have been exclusively available to people who either attended the seminars (~1000 each) or to those who purchased tapes. Yet today, anyone from a teenager to a professor can log onto the internet and watch some of the most intelligent individuals speak on their chosen fields for free at their leisure.
This is taking the opportunity to expand our minds to a whole new level and we have the ability to control what information we have access to - not just mindlessly watching what a television station feels I may like. We are able to discriminate what information we want to access to a "t" and I can't stress how amazing that is and how grateful I am to be living at a time when I have the opportunity to do so.
To avoid rambling on, here is the link to the T.E.D. talks that I mentioned above;

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